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The social network has no analogues in the world and aims to unite filmmakers and moviegoers in one place.

1. For filmmakers

Now the every film director can manage the rental of his movies. He registers the cinema and starts show his films. He has interesting tools, such as a ticket for the show that he can send to friends and acquaintances, or share on social networks inviting fans to visit his film. The advantage in the fact that the author of the film sees its audience, knows the reaction to his film, and as the author receives a full response.

2. For moviegoers

Now, anyone can watch the movie as well as in off-line movie theater - a man chooses the film, show, gets a ticket, goes to the cinema and watching movies among other viewers, who also came to see this movie.

He sees their photo and clicking on any of them, he can go to the page of Facebook. In addition, viewers have the opportunity to share as the ticket itself and opinion about the movie and find a new friend to go to the show, if I suddenly found that going to the movies has no one.

3. For film companies

The Social Network movie theaters provides a unique opportunity for film companies to announce the creation or the nearest exit of the new film.

Now, in one place at a certain time, they can make a start, such as the trailer of the next blockbuster.

It is only necessary just to announce the release of the trailer and collect in one theater even a million (or more) fans of this movie. This is an interesting feature, as there is an opportunity to gather fans (and by whom it will be interesting to get together) of a particular movie in one place at one time.

4. For festivals

For the festival provides a special place that can take advantage of every festival, as for the selection of films, and for the assessment, such as the nomination of "People's Choice Award."

5. For over businesses

Social network of cinemas allows private show, just for those who have tickets.

It can take advantage of business companies for its needs. For example, a company can show its employees training film and see to it that in the cinema hall were all those who were sent tickets.