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Eng / Drama

NADIA (2017)

Premiere date — 20.12.2017
Nadia is a troubled teen girl kicked out of home by her surpassed mother and has nobody to turn to, until her High School's Principal Mr. Green discovers her sleeping rough on a bench and takes her under his wing. Therefore, she rejects the idea to be a homeless, making that Green tries to convince of the true reality of her situation to change it. What happened in Mr. Green's past that means he knows so much about being homeless? This is an honest and brutally realistic film that will empower all young people to take control of their lives. Fully Focused to have worked closely with UK homeless charity Centrepoint and the young people of the Centrepoint Youth Parliament to produce the hard-hitting, thought-provoking and emotive short film to challenge the stereotype of what it means to be homeless, and shows that many of the 80,000 under 25's who sofa-surf or sleep rough in the UK each year may not even consider themselves homeless or realize they have rights to help protect them.
Alex Tenenbaum
Teddy Nygh
Teddy Nygh
Rosa Coduri, Richie Campbell, Doc Brown | See full cast & crew »
18 min.
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